±9,592 Acres

San Miguel County, New Mexico

Triangle Realty


Beautiful ranch in the rolling hills and mesas of New Mexico! The ±9,592 acre ranch comprises of two tracts, along with a lake house. The northern portion of the ranch consists of  ±2,172 acres with direct access to Conchas Lake. ±5,420 acres make up the southern portion of the property. Another ±2,000 acres of the lake comes with the property. Currently being used as a cattle ranch, this property boasts water availability, highway access, and close proximity to Tucumcari, NM and to Conchas Lake. The water availability, mountainous terrain, and native grasses make this property ideal for running cattle, and provides a natural hub for wildlife activity.


Northern Tract: Water access is plentiful on this piece of property with over four miles of Conchas Lake shoreline bordering the land on the north end. There is also a windmill and another submersible well located on the property, however, they are not being used at this time because of the availability of water from the lake.  Southern Tract: As the property sits only about 5 miles SW of Conchas Lake, this ranch is boasting in water availability. The La Manga Creek runs north and south through the property, providing beautiful views and seasonal natural water for livestock and wildlife.



Rolling hills, mountainous terrain and this beautiful landscape of acreage offers prime hunting: mountain lions, mule deer, and antelope. There is also small game including rabbits, birds, badgers, and porcupine.



The entire property is five-strand barbed wire fence. There are several ranch roads on the property, as it has been used historically as a cattle ranch. There are three sets of pens on the southern portion of the ranch and one set on the north. The residence conveying with the property is located within the community situated on the southern shore of Conchas Lake.



The landscape varies from mesquite flats to rugged terrain and high mesas, making it a great place for both hunting and grazing.

See Soil Report for more details.


The property is outside of any municipality so is not zoned. It is anticipated all existing easements will be identified by surveyors.



No mineral rights will convey.


Access: From Tucumcari, NM, head west on I-40 for about 30 miles. When you reach Newkirk, head north on Highway 129. The southern tract of the property sits about 15 miles north, on the west side of Highway 129. Access from Highway 104 runs east and west, through the middle of the property.

To access the lake house from Newkirk, head north on Highway 129 for 17.2 miles. Turn right onto Highway 104 for 5.1 miles then turn left onto Big Mesa Ave for 1.2 miles. Turn right onto Pajarito Dr. for 0.2 miles and then turn right onto Conchas Pl. to the third house on the left.

To reach the northern tract of the property travel north from the intersection of Highway 129 and Highway 104 for 4.5 miles. Turn left onto Bullhead Dr. and continue for half of a mile to the gate on the northeast portion of the land.