±9,444 Acres

Roberts County, Texas

Triangle Realty




The ranch is watered by 14 windmills and three solar wells. Two wells also provide water to the two houses along with the pens and traps around them. Several dams have been constructed throughout the property to capture runoff as well.


With drastic elevation changes, plenty of brush cover, and places to find water throughout, the Pennington Ranch provides an ideal environment for wildlife. Roberts County has great deer hunting, including both mule and whitetail deer. Aoudad sheep, quail, turkey, dove, along with wild hogs can also be found on the ranch.



Over the years, Pennington Ranch has been leased out for grazing cattle.



The Pennington Ranch is considered to be well improved. Several miles of new five strand barbed wire fence have recently been built. The ranch has two camps located on it. The headquarters on the northern end of the ranch consists of two homes, a bunkhouse, a set of pens, and several outbuildings. The south camp house has recently been remodeled.


The current percentage of owned mineral and water rights will be retained by the current owners.


The landscape ranges from mesquite flats, to rolling hills, to the steep cedar breaks seen in much of the Canadian River Valley.


The property is outside of any municipality so is not zoned. There are no known easements that would affect operation of the ranch. It is anticipated all existing easements will be identified by surveyors.

Water Conservation District: Pennington Ranch lies within the Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District.

Area: The property is located in the eastern portion of Roberts County, Texas.


Access: The ranch is easily accessible by county road. South River Road crosses the northern portion of the ranch. The middle of the ranch can be accessed by South Camp Road, while Quarter Horse Road gives access to the southeastern part of the property.


Directions: From Canadian, Texas, head west on E. South River Road for 12.4 miles. Turn Right onto W. South River Road for 1.2 miles to arrive at the northern headquarters on the south side of the road.

From Miami, Texas, head northwest on FM 282 for 4.2 miles then turn right onto Quarter Horse Road for 12 miles. Turn left onto South Camp Road for 2.5 miles to arrive at the south camp.