±777 Acres

Kimble County, Texas



When it comes to Texas Hill Country Properties, the Three Sevens Ranch raises the bar higher than any other. With its extensive wildlife portfolio, spring-fed creeks, and breathtaking topography, the Three Sevens Ranch is nothing short of divine.


Conveniently situated just off of Interstate 10 and only a few minutes North of Junction, TX on Highway 83, the Three Sevens Ranch welcomes its guests with over one-half mile of highway frontage and a beautiful custom gate with a paved entrance. As you travel East towards the headquarters of the ranch, the terrain varies slightly, accented with thick native grasses, and well-controlled juniper throughout. Manmade and naturally occurring meadows with well-maintained roads create an almost park-like feel as you make your way to the headquarters.


Improvements to the Three Sevens Ranch are almost endless. The main ranch house of the property boasts a gorgeous 7,353 sq ft custom rock home. The owners of this masterpiece clearly and carefully designed this home from their hearts, paying the utmost attention to every detail. Rare and elegant European textiles and century-old doors from Nepal are just a few of the treasures the main house has to offer. The outdoor living area of the Main House is breathtaking, to say the least. Fully equipped with a covered living space, fireplace, and outdoor kitchen, this area makes for a great place to entertain family and guests all year round. In addition to the main house, the Three Sevens Ranch is also equipped with a 575 sq ft barndominium/apartment that is fully furnished. The 3,500 sq ft workshop and barn with covered equipment shed provide more than adequate space for all types of large tractors, trucks, or high rack rigs.

Approximately 8 miles of roads have been cut over the years, 6 of which are very well maintained. The Three Sevens Ranch is high fenced throughout and consists of two main pastures. The front pasture of the ranch has been utilized as a 237-acre Whitetail trap. The back pasture, a 540-acre parcel consisting of the Gentry Creek valley, headquarters, and the majority of the non-native wildlife.


Water on the Three Sevens Ranch is plentiful with 4 water wells, multiple ponds, and the springs of Gentry Creek. Completed in the summer of 2019, the Watson Dam was constructed to sustainably reserve the rain and springs waters that naturally and periodically occur in the valley. The outcome of the dam construction has been nothing short of exceptional, as the waters have continued to rise and fill the creek bottom from below.


Wildlife on the ranch is diverse and abundant. Estimated to be around 777 animals currently, the Three Sevens Ranch boasts a vast array of native and nonnative wildlife from all parts of the globe. Whitetail bucks ranging into the 200 class along with substantial herds of Addax, Trans Caspian Sheep, Red Deer, Axis Deer, and Black Buck Antelope. One smaller herd of Elands consisting of one large bull, two smaller bulls, and two females are an added bonus. Three soft release pens for wildlife management are also located just South West of the barn and workshop to assist with any future arrivals.


The Three Sevens Ranch truly does raise the bar when it comes to Hill Country ranches. From its pristine and unique landscape to its breathtaking views and Main House decor, a property like this rarely comes on the market.